is a simple but powerful PHP comment system with spam protection that does not require MySQL.



Click here to try out the standard client comment interface and visit this link for a first impression of the admin interface.


  1. After downloading and unpacking the files copy the "commentor" directory (containing "index.php" etc.) into the root folder of your website so that it is accessible via

  2. You can now embed the comment system by adding the following code to your pages.

<iframe src="/commentor/index.php" frameBorder="0"
width="100%" height="400" name="commentpostsection">


By default all comments are stored in the /commentor/data directory as text files which can be edited with any standard editor. Howewer, navigating to allows you to get an overview of all comments posted as well as to delete them quickly. The admin interface is password protected.

Default login data:
Username: admin
Password: commentor

It's strongly recommended that you change username and password as fast as possible by editing the first lines of /comentor/admin/index.php.