PHP based minimalistic hit counter for websites.

Version 0.1 (17.10.2016) - 18.4 kB - ZIP

Special Features

How to use: 3 simple steps

Step 1: Copy files

Copy the "viscounter" directory (containing "viscounter.php" etc.) into the root folder of your website so that it is accessible by navigating to

Step 2: Installation

For invisible tracking add the following code to the template file of your CMS or any other page that should be taken into account.

<img src="/viscounter/viscounter.php" alt=" "/>

As an alternative you may also embed the counting script directly. Then the total number of visitors of the calling page will be returned and displayed as an unformatted number.


Step 3: View results

Navigate to, choose a time frame and get to the results page. There you will find:

Things to implement

Viscounter is currently limited to basic functionality and still at a very early stage of development. On the one hand this gives you the ability to adapt the source code to your own needs without reading an endless amount of code lines, on the other hand you may have to be patient waiting for the following features to be implemented: